before the plunge

July 29, 2016

The process of building a tiny house is not exactly straight forward, and we had lots of decisions to make.  There aren’t many restrictions on building besides the actual road-legal dimensions.  So, we had to decide:

  • The trailer – We had the option to either purchase a custom-made trailer specifically made for tiny houses [such as from Tumbleweed or Iron Eagle], or some choose to purchase a used utility trailer and strip it down to save on costs.  There are also different lengths, ranging from 18′ to 30′ and beyond.
  • The hookups – Environmentally conscious utilities are popular among tiny housers.  Solar energy, rainwater catch systems, and composting toilets are of the norm.  Given that we will mostly be parking at RV campgrounds, we chose a medley – our cooking and water heating will be propane-fueled to conserve electricity, but will still be wired for 15, 30, or 50 amp electric RV hookup for our lights and small appliances (and geeky tech toys).  Our water inlet line is also a simple RV water hookup hose.  We will have a composting toilet to avoid any sewage or black water.  Our drainage system is solely grey water (that is, “dirty” water such as coming from the sink or shower, but never comes in contact with waste).
  • The “must-haves” – Amy wanted a physical staircase leading to the loft, so that the cat would still be able to climb up and sleep with us.  Dylan wanted a full-size refrigerator.  Amy wanted a decent amount of shoe storage.  Dylan wanted carpet in the loft (vetoed).  Prioritizing what was absolutely NECESSARY in the house was important before any basic blueprints could be drawn.

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