one big tow load

August 27, 2016

Well that was fun.

We made our way from Akron to Lancaster on Friday evening. We enjoyed the 5 and half hour tow-less ride and staying at a hotel kitty corner to the Dutch Wonderland in downtown Lancaster.

Early Saturday we made the short trek over to Liberation Tiny Homes to pick up our finished shell. Amy was literally jumping up and down in her seat the whole time. I suspect the Starbucks played some part. I can’t deny though, it was actually happening. We have a tiny little house (shell)!

the big picture

Here’s a picture of us for scale. It’s actually pretty big. After a little tour of the inside we hitched it up and went on our way. Thanks again James for getting us started! We’d still be putting the frame together now I bet.

Just pulling out of the driveway was… scary.  We had to navigate out of a small neighborhood with this 24 footer. Our first turn actually stopped traffic on the road, so much for a quiet getaway.

Just pulling out of the driveway was… scary.

At first I wasn’t sure if the truck could handle all of the weight of the trailer, we borrowed my Dad’s gas F-150 for the trip. But as we approached the highway I knew we could go 45 mph without much of a problem.

Getting onto the highway was actually pretty easy too. Every driver was super eager to get out of our way, and I had no intentions of leaving the right hand lane. Ever.

If you’ve ever driven through I-76 in Pennsylvania, you probably know how 1) awful the tolls are and 2) how mountainous it is. Both of those things were a pain, but number 2 especially was tough on the truck. When going down hills, the trailer would slightly shake the truck. It wasn’t much but just enough to get my adrenaline pumping. Going up hills wasn’t much better, the truck would hit some RPM’s I’m sure weren’t healthy for only going 55 mph.

But, as we travelled more and more, it got easier. I even passed some people, which was a shock to both of us.

We only encountered 2 really bad problems:

  1. The truck’s SYNC bluetooth audio would not sync to either of our phones. Woof.
  2. At one point we almost ran out of gas. Let me tell you, it is not fun to be low on fuel and watch the estimated miles left fall wayyy faster than you have left till the next rest stop.

the gas station near miss

As we learned, it wasn’t the length of the trailer that was the biggest pain – it was its height. We were just a few inches off from hitting the roof of this gas station. Amy winced at every bridge we went under.

But it was also a blast to drive the thing. Every time you look in the rearview mirror there’s somebody gawking at your house which is pretty fun. Every time we stopped for gas, we had at least one person come up and talk to us about it. The toll booth lady gave her seal of approval.

When we finish this thing, I’m sure we’ll have similar conversations as we move from place to place. It will be very fun to share this story.

Well, already enough words for this post. Driving the house across state borders was an easy enough task – but pulling it into the driveway back home had it’s own challenges.

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