gettin’ her home

August 29, 2016

So what started as a far fetched idea last year has turned into a reality today. We have picked up our shell from Liberation Homes all the way out in Lancaster PA and brought it to our build site in one piece! It’s one thing to plan out what you’re going to do with the tiny house – but it’s a whole other thing to actually park it and see it.

first roadblock

Our first reaction, and shared by with quite a few of our friends is, “Wow, this tiny house is not all that tiny.” Our first roadblock (literally) was pulling the house into the back driveway. The house was too tall for telephone wires on the roadside so Garrett had to stand on the bed of the truck and push them over the house with a rake as we pulled in.image

Our first reaction is, “Wow, this tiny house is not all that tiny.”

My Dad went through all of the trouble clearing out a concrete slab pavilion that housed a few trucks, lawn mowers and an engine pulley during the week so we could fit our house in it. We knew my parents’ old hybrid camper used to fit in there just fine, so of course the tiny house should fit! And it kinda almost did. Except for how tall the house turned out to be.

We knew it would be close. So with my Dad, Amy and Garrett guiding, I started pulling in the house very. very. slowly. But as soon as the dormer reached the beginning of the concrete it was clear that we didn’t have enough clearance. Woof.


if the glove does not fit…

So first we tried reducing the air pressure in the tires for the extra inches we needed to get by. No luck, still a few inches little short.

Luckily the pavilion structure itself sits on the concrete pad much like a adjustable chair. Except instead of push-in buttons we had to deal with screws, and we needed a ton of force to push up the pavilion on its imagestilts. Garrett and I are strong, but not that strong.
Luckily Steffon Hoppel was kind enough to let my Dad use his brand new Bobcat so he could gravel the back driveway for the tiny welcoming party. Thanks Steffon! So we gathered we could use the bobcat to push the pavillion up slightly and rescrew in the fasteners to give us an extra 6 inches to pull in our house completely.

However, the bobcats arms didn’t quite reach the pavillion’s bracers so we could push it up. Which lead to some crazy contraption we made that I’ll have to share later. It kind of worked, and eventually we got the extra 4 inches of height.

We pushed up each leg of the pavillion with the bobcat and screwed it tight – and the dormer fit! But as we pulled the house in farther it was clear that the end of the house had a nice little peak that was about 1 foot too tall to fit. Kind of a bummer – but the house is wrapped so we shouldn’t have any water problems for several months. Knocking on wood.

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