Last Window!

November 27, 2016

Getting the Window

Some back story – we ordered these 2 speciality triangle windows through HomeDepot. The first window was fine, we installed with no trouble. However, we opened the second window only to find that it was broken and missing a nailing flange. Woof.

But we ordered a replacement one, and it’s finally here! Now we can seal up the last opening on the house (thanks for the expedited shipping Debra!)

This time we opened the window at the store and made it sure it wasn’t cracked and actually has a nailing fin. While we were loading it in the car Amy tried to prank me and claim it was a right side window and not a left. She had me for a second. Very funny Amy.

Installing the Window

But all else was good. I think we were just so excited to have it and were on autopilot after doing this same process for installing the 12 other windows we didn’t think much to stop and take pictures. But just like the rest we flashed the sill of the window with DuPont FlexWrap (what a great product), caulked it and screwed the window into place.

This one was a little unique in that somehow this window was slightly too big for the rough opening. We opened it up by using a router and taking the slightest bit off at the top of the window. Not much, but just enough to get the window into place.



Making a slightly larger opening for the window to sit


Flashing the last window

Applying the window flashing



Applying a generous bead of caulk around the window on top of the flashing


Bye rough opening!

Whoops, almost forgot to pose for a picture


Screwing in window nail fin

Screwing in nail fin


Dylan observing his straight-ish window

“Yea that looks straight-ish…right?”


Last window for real

Woohoo! The window holes are finally closed for good


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