Siding our Tiny House

November 28, 2016

It’s here it’s here! Our Nantucket Gray siding is actually here! Of course it would arrive just before we left for PA and Jersey for the Thanksgiving holidays, but it finally did. We’ve had the j channel done on the door and few windows. Plus all of the outside and inside corners.

Putting up the first laps

We tested the first laps on the smallest part of the house that we could, next to the door on the left hand side. And it looks just fantastic. It was also a shocker to us how quick this stuff goes up. The hardest and most time consuming part of vinyl siding is the preparation for it: cutting the corner pieces, putting up the corner pieces, whacking your thumb with a hammer trying to install the corner pieces, trimming all of the windows with J channel, discovering your fancy window trim makes J channel’ing them very difficult – you know, the simple things.

Wooo Vinyl!

Amy was especially excited to finally make our house look like a house

But, after all of that and quintuple checking that your starter strip is actually level, putting up siding is surprisingly easy and kind of fun. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to start doing this until the day before Amy was starting her week of work, so she had to leave the house and I.


It brushes off rain like a ducks back. How awesome is that

Siding the “Tailgate” of the House

But I was able to start and finish the vinyl on the back of the house without any help. It’s hard to hold a level and a starter strip and nail it in at the same time but somehow it worked out. We’re planning on putting cedar in the triangle above, it should look really nice with the gray underneath.


Both sides of the back of the house complete!

On the front face of the house we figured we’d put up cedar because the gap between the edge of the window and where the outside corner would be is almost nonexistent. But, who knows we might change our minds.

The next weekend we decided to start from the other side of the house. We started by wishing our Tyvek house wrap one last warm goodbye.



And good riddance!

Bye Tyvek!


Starting it out

We started with the starter strip, it’s that white piece at the bottom of the trailer


Wheel Wells and “Driver Side” of the House

Wheel wheel vinyl

Starting the vinyl around the well wheel.

Starting the vinyl around the wheel well of the house was a little tricky. At first we were considering buying bendable j channel to form around the shape of the wheel well. Then we saw a youtube video where someone used a heat gun to bend regular j channel to fit whatever shape he wanted. We ordered nantucket gray j channel to try this out, but it ended up being so time consuming we just decided to to a simple angle joint instead.

Just a half an hour later

kerosine heater

Winter started kicking in, and one of the ways we warmed up. This a kerosine powered torpedo heater.

Vinyl cutting

Step 1 : Cut vinyl to size

Nice vinyl you got there Aims!

Step 2 : Pose for picture


Front view

The house is starting to look like a home!


Gotta stop for a post-vinyl selfie


Starting to look pretty cozy in there!


And that’s all for the front and back of the house for vinyl siding. We’ll need to start our cedar siding next week!

If you want to see more pictures of our build and the occasional cat – follow us on our Instagram!

Next Week – Cedar Siding

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