How to build your own DIY Shower with Cedar Siding

September 20, 2018

Yes, you can build a Shower with Cedar and it does work!

Tongue and groove cedar is an excellent building material, because we’re DIY’ing our shower in a tiny space, we decided to give it a shot.

Cedar is very light, smells great when cut, and is naturally water resistant. It has this very rustic and fits into the modern farmhouse chic look that’s oh-so-hip right now.

We loved the look of it on the outside of our house so much that we decided to use cedar for our shower as well.

Materials List

For the base of our shower we used a 32″ x 32″ square offset shower pan.

Read on to follow along step by step, or better yet kick back, relax and watch instead:

Prepping the Shower Drain

The white PVC pipe on the right is our shower drain.

First, we had to prep our floor board to fit the drain for our shower. This turned out to be more difficult than we thought because there wasn’t much room for a P trap.

You may notice in the picture above that the floor board is not quite flush with the floor. That’s because at the time our P trap was just high enough to push the floor board up.

Our solution was to grind away at the bottom of the floorboard until the P trap was able to fit nice and easy in it’s resting space.

Installing the Shower Pan

Our shower pan while the cement was drying was as level as it could be.
You want to make sure your pan is level while it’s drying, otherwise water could build up away from the drain while you’re showering.

After the floorboard was flush, then we could focus on installing the shower pan to the floor. We used mortar to cement the shower pan to the flooor. Be careful of which mortar you buy. Make sure it’s rated for your type of flooring.

The first time we cemented the pan to the floor, I noticed the pan would squeak when I stepped on it. Sure enough, I bought the wrong type of mortar and I could lift the pan off of the floor – cement and all!

I flipped the pan over and hammered off the (useless) mortar. Then the next time I actually bought the correct type of mortar for the job. It made a huge difference.

Pex’ing the Shower up

We’re done right? Oh I guess some walls are missing huh.

So draining water is cool and all, but what we really need is water to come out of the shower head when you turn it on. So we need to hook up our shower controls to our water lines.

So we used a few Pex tees to divert water to supply our shower with hot & cold water:

These brass Pex tee’s split the water intake so we can divert water to our shower.

Installing the Shower Controls a.k.a. Faucet

The last functional bit is installing the shower faucet – the thing that actually lets you control the temperature of your water. It’s kind of important.

Our video Building on Tiny House Shower Part 1 shows how I did this:

Cedar Installation

Part 2 coming soon….

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