about us

img_0139This blog follows the story of Dylan & Amy

… two twenty-somethings who met during college in Philadelphia.  With an immediate connection to each other through a love of travel, technology, and forward-thinking, our journey of “going tiny” started in the summer of 2016.  City living was good to us, but we mutually had a desire for frequent changes and to travel the country.  Amy had picked up a hobby of carpentry and furniture making after college, and Dylan had a long history of tinkering with tech-related anything.  With our knowledge (and thirst for knowledge) combined, we decided what better way to view the country from the comfort of our own home- better yet, a home we could learn to build ourselves?

We purchased a stage one shell from a builder in Lancaster, PA (s/o to Liberation TH!) which included the trailer, basic 2×4 walls, house wrap, and roofing underlayment paper.  Everything else was left up to us, for better or for worse 🙂

We packed up our things (well, Amy sold about 65% of it to prepare for tiny living, and packed the rest), and moved back to Dylan’s home state of Ohio.  Our tiny home now sits on Dylans’ parents’ property in beautiful, rural Marlboro, Ohio, where we visit her as often as we can to make it into our home.  Follow along with our story of learning new skills, stumbling over mishaps, celebrating successes, and journeying the country together.