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Amy Buckley

gettin’ her home

August 29, 2016

So what started as a far fetched idea last year has turned into a reality today. We have picked up our shell from Liberation Homes all the way out in Lancaster PA and brought it to our build site in one piece! It’s one thing to plan out what you’re going to do with the tiny house – but it’s a whole other thing to actually park it and see it. first roadblock Our first reaction, and shared by with…

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one big tow load

August 27, 2016

Well that was fun. We made our way from Akron to Lancaster on Friday evening. We enjoyed the 5 and half hour tow-less ride and staying at a hotel kitty corner to the Dutch Wonderland in downtown Lancaster. Early Saturday we made the short trek over to Liberation Tiny Homes to pick up our finished shell. Amy was literally jumping up and down in her seat the whole time. I suspect the Starbucks played some part. I can’t deny though,…

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before the plunge

July 29, 2016

The process of building a tiny house is not exactly straight forward, and we had lots of decisions to make.  There aren’t many restrictions on building besides the actual road-legal dimensions.  So, we had to decide: The trailer – We had the option to either purchase a custom-made trailer specifically made for tiny houses [such as from Tumbleweed or Iron Eagle], or some choose to purchase a used utility trailer and strip it down to save on costs.  There are also different…

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