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Here we will provide a list of the different products we will use/have used during the construction of Atlas.  More details on installation and descriptions can be found in specific blog posts for these products.  Feel free to leave a comment or reach out to us in the contact section if you have any questions!

  • “Stage 1” shell – purchased as a package from Liberation Tiny Homes.  Custom options available here.  We picked this bad boy up with the following things:
    • Trailer – 24′ double axel flat utility.
    • Framing – 2×4 stud construction in the walls, with a floor framing of 2x6s.
    • Exterior sheathing – 3/4″ plywood

      stage 1 shell before roof underlayment

      stage 1 shell before roof underlayment

    • Sheathing paper – DuPont Tyvek house wrap.  This acts as a protection between the wall sheathing and our siding.
    • Roof underlayment – GAF TigerPaw.  This is a sheeting layer that sits on top of the plywood roof, but underneath the ice/water shield and the actual roofing material.
    • The floors also came with an interlocking system of 3/4″ tongue & groove plywood.
  • Windows
    • The majority of our windows were purchased from Hartville Hardware.  All were double pane white vinyl with attached J-channel (which in hindsight was a mistake since we ended up trimming around the windows anyway)
    • The two triangle windows were purchased as a special order from Andersen through HD.  Again, white vinyl, this time with no J channel.
  • Front door
  • Roofing
    • Grace ice & shield guard
    • Onduvilla by Ondura roofing system in Ebony black
    • Aluminum flashing in our valleys and against sidewalls, spray painted matte black to match shingles
  • Plumbing
    • Pex piping for hot and cold water with tons of Pex rings, tees and 90 degree elbows with a couple push fittings to fit to the water inlet and water heater
    • PVC piping for the drain system

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